Payroll Services

Payrolling of Temporary Employees or Contractors

Along with the traditional permanent and temporary/contract recruitment offering, we are also able to offer payroll services where an organisation has a number of temporary employees and/or contractors in their workforce.

We have years of experience and provide a high level of services for both our clients and candidates.


We recognise that each organisation is different, and there are a variety of reasons for companies to hire non-permanent staff, such as: 


Reasons for hiring temporary staff


  • Freeze on permanent headcount, but business demands need to be met
  • Specific project requirements
  • Flexibility needed at certain times/areas of the business to scale up and scale down
  • Cost effective solution
  • Speed of the hiring process


How Martinsen Mayer can help


  • Source candidate if required
  • We issue a temporary contract of employment or contract for services
  • We manage all tax liabilities
  • We manage all annual leave entitlements
  • We issue payslips
  • We manage all Revenue issues


Benefits to using Martinsen Mayer’s Payrolling Services


  • No contractual arrangement between your organisation and temporary worker/contractor
  • We invoice after the first and subsequent months, payable within 30 days - so no outlay until the end of the 2nd month
  • One invoice per month, lessening the burden on your payroll function


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