What employers are really looking for

Give yourself the best chance of landing the role

Are you currently on a job hunt? Have you honed in on a potentially great role for you?  You have a killer C.V and have got to the interview stage. What’s next.. and what can you do to maximise your chances.

It is critically important to know what employers are looking for in a successful candidate. The Hiring Manager is looking for a great fit for the role and someone who will bring real value to the company.

You need to demonstrate the following 6 key characteristics to your potential employer and here’s why.

1. Positive Outlook

How many successful have you met in your walk of life that are negative people?  We would guess possibly zero. Having a positive outlook will ensure that you take on tasks with a “can-do” attitude. Furthermore in a workplace environment you are far more likely to bond with your colleagues and help motivate the team.

2. Reliability

There are fewer traits more important that reliability. Employers will look to someone who has demonstrated trustworthiness and diligence in their career to date. From basic elements like promptness and courteousness to corporate privacy and trust with sensitive information. Integrity is a deeply admirable trait in an employer.

3. Passion to Improve

If you are always willing to learn something new or sharpen existing skills you are very attractive as an employee prospect. Demonstrating a strong work ethic while always looking to improve your performance through skillset development will set you aside from the competition. Most companies will also want to facilitate your learning goals as it will ultimately benefit their internal team.

4. Quick Thinking

In the fast pace of the commercial world in the 21st century it is crucial that you can highlight situations where your quick thinking made a positive impact in the past. Being able to think on your feet and act in difficult situations will solidify your importance within a company.

5. Team Player

You may be a star performer on your own merit but if you can bring this forward into a team situation you will be invaluable and this won’t go unnoticed in great companies come promotion time.

6. Decisiveness

Decision Making

Have courage in your convictions and show that you can argue your case (when necessary).  While it is important to be amenable on many decisions, don’t be a doormat when it comes to the important things. If you can demonstrate that you can make a stand on a decision (based on good experience or data perhaps) you will be seen as someone who can lead when called upon.