Don’t ignore your LinkedIn profile

An unmissable opportunity to promote yourself..

LinkedIn really is a must do for the 21st Century professional. That platform recently passed the 500 million user mark and boasts daily usage of 40% of users. (50% of these on mobile devices) One of the brilliant aspects of LinkedIn is the ability to connect with anyone at any level of an organisation. Also as a job-seeker it provides you with so much scope to demonstrate your capabilities outside of your C.V which is limited.

Upload a picture

An obvious thing to do..right? Yes, but many people don’t and the repercussions are significant for your visibility. Recent stats have shown that LinkedIn profiles with a photo get up to 21 times more views and up to 36 times more messages. Don’t shoot yourself in the foot, upload a pic asap.

If possible get a professional picture taken or at least borrow the best DSLR camera you can for 20 mins. Camera’s on Smartphones are not a bad last option. Tip: Try take a pic against a solid colour background if possible. (White or Black would suffice)


While you do have more additional freedom to highlight your skills, achievements than you would on a C.V it is still very important to keep your content relatively concise. Focus on short paragraphs, bullet points and use imagery/presentations or video if you have thinks to share that may strengthen your case.

Tone of Voice:

Speak in the first person but remember this is a professional channel, you are being reviewed on everything you put up by a potential employer. Grammar should be considered and always use mannerly language even in heated discussion. (Should that ever arise. Maybe an online spat about iPhone vs Android)


Remember this is a social platform so if you want to share performance data as an example make sure that a) you can stand over it under questioning with actual proof. b) you are not sharing internal data about your previous employer that they may take issue with.

Broadstroke phrases are often a better way to keep away from sharing possibly sensitive company info. “Raised the Online Presence Year On Year” “Met increased targets on ongoing basis”

Showcase yourself:

Awards, achievements, positive articles. If you lead from the front in your company you should show this to prospective employers. Don’t hide your light under a bushel as the old saying goes.